Special Open House Event!

Audibel factory specialist, John Lippmin will be in our Cresco and Austin offices for this special event to answer your questions about hearing aids - AT NO CHARGE!

CRESCO: Tuesday, August 15
AUSTIN: Wednesday, August 16 AND Thursday, August 17

During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE SERVICES: 

  1. Electronic hearing and tinnitus screenings by our licensed hearing practitioners. 
  2. Ear scans –you will see your ear canal on a color TV screen with the use of our fiber optic video camera.Your hearing condition may just be wax! 
  3. Be the first to try Audibel’s latest technology! The Audibel®A4™hearing aids have cutting edge technology that delivers true listening enjoyment. Speech sounds crisp and distinctive, music sounds rich and immersive, all while allowing maximum comfort in dynamic sound environments. 
  4. If you currently have hearing aids, we will be cleaning them at NO CHARGE 

Don't miss this opportunity - call us today at 1 (888) 631-8013 to make an appointment on the date of your choice or fill out the form to the left!