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Trisha Bauer

Patient Care Coordinator

Trisha is our Patient Care Coordinator for the Austin and Albert Lea Offices. She is a Minnesota native but was raised in California and returned to Minnesota 11 years ago. Trisha has been with Audibel Hearing Centers for almost 5 years. In her free time she loves to work on machine embroidery, crochet or spending time with her three daughters.

Amy Baarsch, BC-HIS


I am a hearing aid wearer. l’ve had a hearing loss since childhood but didnt get hearing aids until I was an adult. I constantly had to ask people to repeat themselves, and often just gave up.

Finally, I got hearing aids and they changed my life in so many ways. I knew I wanted to help others hear better, so I became a Hearing Instument Specialist. Life is so much easier, and more enjoyable when you are not struggling to communicate with others.

I work with my sister Nina Best, and we both are amazed at the great progress made over the years in hearing aid technology. We enjoy working with our customers/friends, and see how happy they and their families are when they can finally hear better.

I have been fitting hearing aids since 1999, and am a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist and licensed in Minnesota and Iowa.

Great customer service! So friendly and knowledgeable. Feel so at ease on my visits. Highly recommend!!

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Tom Minehart, on Google

Enjoy the great support and attention to making sure the hearing aids are correct for you. I like the helpful tips on care, along with knowing that if there is any problem, they take care of it right away. Thank you for being so caring!!

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Larry Anderson, on Google

I have had hearing aids from Audibel since August 2022. Amy Baarsch has been available, very helpful and empathetic, as she is an aid wearer herself. I like that my aids are American made and that every time I have had a question or difficulty, there has been a consistent...

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Linda Beiser, on Google

Very helpful and kind Staff.

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Gail Savick, on Google

I started to have some hearing loss and decided to go in almost right away. I am so glad I did, with only a slight loss of hearing it was easier to get use to my hearing aides. they have worked great for me and Amy has always worked to...

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Marlene Culbertson, on Google

These guys are absolutely awesome! They take the time to take care of the people with hearing loss with the best available technology

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wyatt chambers, on Google