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Very helpful and kind Staff.

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Gail Savick, on Google

These guys are absolutely awesome! They take the time to take care of the people with hearing loss with the best available technology

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wyatt chambers, on Google

I started to have some hearing loss and decided to go in almost right away. I am so glad I did, with only a slight loss of hearing it was easier to get use to my hearing aides. they have worked great for me and Amy has always worked to help me if things weren't just right. love the service and caring from audible. I would highly recommend them

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Marlene Culbertson, on Google

I have had hearing aids from Audibel since August 2022. Amy Baarsch has been available, very helpful and empathetic, as she is an aid wearer herself. I like that my aids are American made and that every time I have had a question or difficulty, there has been a consistent prompt response. There has never been a charge for the many visits I have needed to get used to my aids. Her staff, Trisha, is also knowledgeable and accommodating when I have needed help. I am so glad I went to get my aids from Audibel and I actually am hearing more conversations and connecting better with friends and family. I highly recommend them because of the quality of aids and the service provided!

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Linda Beiser, on Google

Pleasant and efficient staff "tuned in" to my hearing needs, and were able to solve all issues the same day.

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Kathy Foster, on Google

We are extremely satisfied with the product and the assistance we receive at Audibel Hearing Center in Austin, Mn. My husband has had the hearing aids for almost 3 years. Thank you Audibel!

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Ginny Light, on Google

I have been a customer at audibel for about 9 years . I smile every time I think about going there the first time to check it out. a few people had suggested that i was hard of hearing and this was the place to go because of the great service. My wife Joanne was not happy with the volume of the tv when I adjusted it. I had a kind of soft push to get some help. Nina helped us pick out what would work the best ,checking with the high tech equipment they have there.we were able to try them for a month and if we didn't like them we could return them. They had me come back several times to adjust and fine tune them. I was astounded the difference they made in my daily life.I told Nina it was like a miracle i could join in conversations even in noisy places and could hear small children and the homily at mass. I also had ringing in my ears that was no longer a problem. The new aids are so small that almost no-one sees them.Now even if they were seen I would never give them up. Again the friendly service from Amy and Nina is great and they encourage you to come back to clean them and adjust as your ears age .I'm a customer for Life.A lot better life. Yours Kenny Knutson

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Kenneth Knutson, on Google

I have had a wonderful experience with the staff and service from audible. I love my hearing aids I can hear what my granddaughters are telling me don’t want to miss a second of the valuable time with them My children and friends matter so much to me what they have to share. The birds music all the sounds of life that make life alive. Thank you for being such caring people making the world a better place for so many your amazing 😉

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Judy Christensen, on Google

I have received professional, friendly service at Audibel Austin. Amy and Nina have addressed all of my hearing aid issues. I also appreciate the availability of fresh batteries and other supplies, as well as the no-charge hearing aid cleaning. The professional, competent input from hearing aid vendors is a vital component of a satisfactory hearing aid experience.

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Robert Wangsness, on Google

I really love my Audibel digitial hearing aids! I can hear and understand people and the TV. The service at Audibel Hearing Center is great! It is service with a SMILE!

Helen Sobolik

I had tried another brand of hearing aids, but they did not feel good or distinguish sounds. Audibel Hearing Center is GREAT! I hear sounds that I haven’t heard for years. I belong to several committees, and now I do not miss out on any of the conversations! I love hearing the birds again! Thank you for the wonderful service!

Jerry Anfinson

The service is FABULOUS, and I will recommend Audibel Hearing Center to all my friends! I decided to come to Audibel because a friend of mine got her hearing aids there, and I could see how pleased she was with the results! I was missing out on so much with my family, friends, and coworkers I was told that I wasn’t hearing the phone ring and missing out on conversations. IT’S A WHOLE NEW WORLD NOW! I didn’t realize how much I was missing!

I cannot put into words how great ¡t is to hear and understand again. I feel like a kid with a new toy! I just want to sit and listen to the sounds of the world!

My family and friends have told me that I am now calmer, and less stressed at work. It really helps when I can communicate. If you are thinking about getting help with your hearing — do it! I was so skeptical and afraid that they wouldn’t work for me I had heard of so many people that don’t wear them after they purchase them, and even often struggle with them. This was not my experience at all!

They have truly opened up the world to me! I cannot wait to put them on in the morning, and don’t want to take them off until I have to go to bed. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on. I absolutely cannot believe the difference!

Judy Christensen

Thank you Audibel Hearing Center! There is one good thing about buying a pair of bad hearing aids, you can appreciate a quality pair later on.

I purchased a pair of hearing aids several years ago from another provider. At first I was very impressed and wore them all of the time. After a year or so, I was not happy and went back several times to get them adjusted. They never seemed to work very well, and they even became uncomfortable to wear. When I put them in, I felt like I was putting ear plugs in, and when I ate I was not able to hear anyone. I finally quit wearing them.

After a couple of years of my wife constantly repeating herself, she talked me into getting help again. She had thought that maybe technology and service had gotten better.

I had seen ads from Audibel in the paper, and was impressed by some of the testimonials that I had read. I finally agreed and made an appointment. Needless to say, I have been extremely happy with my new hearing aids. After I put them in, I often times forget that I even have them in.

My ears never seemed plugged as they did before with my old pair. My wife no longer has to repeat herself.

One thing I have learned in life is that quality comes with a price, and you usually get what you pay for.

I hope my testimonial will help someone else make the Audibel choice.

Dan Hoerter